Selected Unintentional Injury Code Groupings

Selected Unintentional Injury Code Groupings

Manner of injury ICD-9 Codesa ICD-10 Codesb Comparability Ratioc OICCS v2.01d Event Codes
Unintentional Injuries E800-E869, E880-E929e V01-X59, Y85-Y86 1.0305 Dec-99
Railway accident E800-E807 V05, V15, V80.6, V81(.2-.9) n/a 22
Motor-vehicle accident E810-E825 V02-V04, V09.0, V09.2, V12-V14, V19.0-V19.2, V19.4-V19.6, V20-V79, V80.3-V80.5, V81.0-V81.1, V82.0-V82.1, V83-V86, V87.0-V87.8, V88.0-V88.8, V89.0, V89.2 0.9754 24, 26, 27
Water transport accident E830-E838 V90-V94 n/a 25
Air transport accident E840-E845 V95-V97 n/a 21
Poisoning by solids and liquids E850-58, E860-66 X40-X49 n/a 55, 59, 1224
Poisoning by gases and vapors E867-E869
Falls E880-E888 W00-W19 0.8409 40, 42-45, 49
Fires and burns E890-E899 X00-X09 0.9743 31
Drowning g E910 W65-W74 0.9965 561
Choking h E911-E912 W78-W80 n/a 562
Mechanical suffocation E913 W75-W77, W81-W84 n/a 560, 563, 569
Firearms E922 W32-W34 1.0579 1211, 1221, 1222

Source: National Safety Council.

Note: n/a means comparability ratio not calculated or does not meet standards of reliability or precision.

a WHO (1977).

b WHO (1992).

c Hoyert, Arias, Smith, et al. (2001). Table III.

d Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS]. (2012). Occupational Injury and Illness Classification Manual, Version 2.01.

e The National Safety Council has used E800-E949 for unintentional injuries. The code group in the table omits complications and misadventures of surgical and medical care (E870-E879) and adverse effects of drugs in therapeutic use (E930-E949).

f Figures in parentheses are the 95% confidence interval for the comparability ratio.

g Excludes transport.

h Suffocation by ingestion or inhalation.