Sex, Age and Cause

This chart provides the preventable injury-related death totals by sex for 2017, as well as the breakdown of fatalities by leading causes of death.

Overall, males accounted for 65% of the 169,936 preventable injury-related deaths in 2017. The largest differences in the proportion of fatalities were:

The cause with the smallest difference between the proportion of male and female fatalities was falls (51% male) and choking (55% male).

Differences in deaths and death rates by age, sex and cause for 1999 through 2017 may be explored using the interactive chart on the Data Details tab.

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Preventable-injury-related deaths by sex and Cause, United States, 2017

Leading Causes Male Female
Poisoning 44,545 20,250
Motor vehicle 28,629 11,602
Falls 18,392 17,946
Other causes 8,154 4,876
Choking (b) 2,860 2,356
Drowning (a) 2,802 907
Fire flames smoke 1,666 1,146
Mechanical suffocation 1,106 624
Natural heat or cold 865 404
Struck by or against 703 103

(a) Excludes water transport drownings.
(b) Inhalation or ingestion of food or other objects.

Source: National Center for Health Statistics-Mortality Data for 2017, as compiled from data provided by the 57 vital statistics jurisdictions through the Vital Statistics Cooperative Program.

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