Societal Costs

The costs of unintentional injuries are huge. The burden on employers and society in general runs in the billions of dollars annually. These figures can be hard to comprehend, so we‘ve made them relatable to quantities you might see in your daily life.

Consider these U.S. cost equivalents for 2021:

Total Cost of All Injuries

$1,283.5 Billion


of every dollar paid in personal federal income tax


of every dollar spent on food

Motor-Vehicle Crashes Cost

$481.2 Billion

410 Gallons of Gas

for every registered vehicle


for every licensed driver

Work Injuries Cost

$167.0 Billion


Walmart’s 2022 net income


Apple’s 2022 net income

Home Injuries Cost

$472.8 Billion


rebate for each new single family home built


of every dollar paid in property taxes

Public Injuries Cost

$195.8 Billion

$21.3 Million

grant for every public library


bonus for every police officer and firefighter

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