Airplane Crashes

Commercial scheduled air travel is among the safest modes of transportation; the lifetime odds of dying as an aircraft passenger is 1 in 205,552. Preliminary estimates of the total number of accidents

involving a U.S.-registered civilian aircraft decreased from 1,335 in 2016 to 1,316 in 2017. The number of civil aviation deaths decreased, from 408 in 2016 to 346 in 2017. All of the 346 deaths in 2017 were onboard fatalities. None of these deaths involved commercial airlines.

Use the interactive chart to explore aviation accident trends by U.S. air carrier category. Major airlines (both scheduled and nonscheduled service) experienced no onboard fatalities in 2017. This contrasts sharply with general aviation, which experienced 330 onboard deaths and a fatal accident rate of 0.931 per 100,000 flight hours.

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