Airplane Crashes

Commercial scheduled air travel is among the safest modes of transportation; the 2019 lifetime odds of dying as an aircraft passenger in the United States were too small to calculate. Preliminary estimates of the total number of accidents involving a U.S.-registered civilian aircraft decreased from 1,347 in 2018 to 1,302 in 2019. The number of civil aviation deaths increased from 395 in 2018 to 452 in 2019. All but 8 of the 452 deaths in 2019 were onboard fatalities. Four of these deaths involved a commercial airline.

Use the interactive chart to explore aviation accident trends by U.S. air carrier category. Major airlines (scheduled service) experienced one onboard fatality and a fatal accident rate of 0.005 per 100,000 flight hours in 2019. This contrasts sharply with general aviation, which experienced 406 onboard deaths and a fatal accident rate of 1.069.

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