Railroad Deaths and Injuries

Railroad deaths totaled 841 in 2018, an increase of more than 2% from the 2017 revised total of 821 and the highest since 2007. Nonfatal injuries totaled 8,136, an 8% decrease from the 2017 revised total. From 2017 to 2018, fatalities at highway-rail crossings decreased nearly 3%, while fatalities involving other types of incidents increased 5%. The latter included 540 deaths (94%) attributed to trespassers. Seventeen employees were killed while on duty, a 54% increase compared to the 2017 death toll. There were five train passenger deaths, representing a 44% decrease from the 2017 total of nine deaths.

The ratio of railroad-related deaths to nonfatal injuries and illnesses is about 1:10. In 2018, railroad incidents resulted in 8,136 injuries, compared to 8,856 in 2017. Ten percent of the total (836) occurred at rail-crossings, down 2% from the 2017 total of 844. Of the 3,886 nonfatal occupational railroad injuries and illnesses reported in 2018, 2% were attributed to highway-rail crossing incidents.

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