Falls – Same Level

Following exposure to harmful substances or environments and overexertion injuries, falls on the same level is the third leading preventable workplace injury or illness event resulting in cases with days away from work. In 2020, 136 workers died and 127,680 were injured.

This category applies to injuries when all of the following factors are true:

  • The injury was produced by impact between the injured person and the source of injury without elevation
  • The injured person’s movement produced the injury
  • The motion of the person was generated by gravity following the individual’s loss of equilibrium
  • The point of contact with the source of the injury was at the same level or above the surface supporting the person at the inception of the fall

This infographic provides an overview of the nonfatal trends involving days away from work, including nature of injury, part of body injured, and industry. Explore the data details tab for information on fatal injuries, injury rates, and historic trends.



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