Consumer Product Injuries

This interactive chart is based on CPSC National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) data. NEISS estimates are calculated from a statistically representative sample of hospitals in the United States. Injury totals represent estimates of the number of hospital emergency department-treated cases nationwide associated with various products. However, the product involved may or may not be the cause of the injury.

Products in the “home, structures and construction” category are associated with the most injuries, 4,020,858 in 2022. Within this category, stairs, ramps, landings, and floors accounted for 71% of the injuries, totaling 2,865,817. Adults 65 or older, as well as children younger than 5, have the highest injury rates involving stairs, ramps, landings, and floors. The majority of these injuries occur to females (60%), and most are treated in an emergency department and released (76%).

Use the interactive chart to explore other trends by age, sex, and outcome.

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